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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Door to door salesmen

I just had a white male, 30's light brown hair wearing a red jacket knock on my door trying to sell cleaning products.

He had a laminated I.D. 

He started off saying he had been a bad boy in the past but now.......

I stopped him there.

The I.D. If you look is a simple message anyone could write and print off, it's not an official I.D.

The one I showed him was, a police I.D. I then pointed out the sticker on my door saying I don't buy or sell at the door. He walked off mumbling under his breath.

If you get a visit today or in the future don't enter into a conversation with them, tell them you don't want anything and close the door. They are trying to con you.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

White van man

I have received reports of an Asian male driving around the area attempting to sell fish or meat door to door. He's driving a small white van with "DCSolutions" possibly written on the side. He was last seen in the Forest Row area but has been seen in various other places too.

He will knock on doors and ask the occupier to come to the van to look at his goods for sale.

My advice is don't 

Tell him politely no thanks and close the door.

He may well have what he claims to be fresh produce in the van and that's what he will show you. What you get is not what you've seen, it's normally rotten, basically it's a con.

It's not a new one it's been happening for years all over the country. Originally they came from the Grimsby / Hull area but now everyone is trying their luck. 

Never buy anything from someone calling door to door. Only buy from a known supplier and then only if it's been pre arranged.

It's now the time of year we all try to get our gardens back up to scratch using the various gardening tools and equipment available. Don't leave it on show, make sure it's marked with your postcode in permanent ink, and lock it away after use. 

If you don't chances are someone in a white van will help themselves to it.