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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

12 days until Christmas – don’t become a victim of burglary this winter

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, but ensuring your home is properly protected against festive crime should be made a priority.
“Having bought all those wonderful presents, don't make it easy for someone to steal them from your home.

“Keep presents out of sight until last thing on Christmas Eve and if you 'hide' or store larger items such as bicycles in the shed or outbuildings, make sure they are very secure.

“Don't leave curtains open so people can see your decorations as potential thieves can see in. Be extra careful about locking doors and windows. As a fire precaution, don't leave Christmas lights on in the house while you are out.

“If you go out for the evening, make it look like someone is at home by turning on lights and the radio. If you go away for the holiday period - use an automatic timer for lights and ask a trusted neighbour to watch your home.
“If you have high value presents like a new laptop, mobile phone or games console, please dispose of the packaging with care. Just leaving it next to the bin with the other rubbish will advertise what you have inside your home for all to see. Fold it up and put it in the bin or take it to the recycling centre”.

Consider property marking high value items with your postcode and house number. This will put a thief off as the property can be easily identified as stolen, and if it is stolen, this will assist the police in getting your property back to you. Also, keep a record of the serial numbers of expensive items.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good News – Offenders arrested, vehicles and dogs seized in relation to Hunting Offences.

Following a report on Sunday 4th December of an Isuzu vehicle seen driving through farmers fields near Britwell Hill, Watlington, the police helicopter was deployed and located the vehicle then monitored it while police cars moved in. Two offenders were arrested in connection with hunting offences, the vehicle and dogs involved were seized.

The same day at approx 13:36hrs a call was received from two members of the public and a farm owner who saw a number of males who released dogs in a field at Letcombe Bassett, Wantage. The dogs were seen chasing rabbits/hares. The police attended and arrested the offenders, the vehicle and dogs were seized.

The police would like to thank landowners and members of the public for reporting the incidents quickly and providing precise details of the locations. This allowed the police to attend quickly and make arrests.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas cheer.

Well Christmas is almost upon us and it’s time to get out and enjoy ourselves.

There’s the office party, lunchtime drinks, family get together’s the “go on have one it’s Christmas” scenario etc etc.

Over the years I’ve been asked “how much can I drink before I’m over the limit” by people wanting to go out and drive.

Well, that all depends on, your tolerance to alcohol, what you have eaten, alcohol already in your system, your body’s metabolism and a lot more factors to numerous to mention.

In short there is no answer; the only sure way is to let someone else drive. 

The police are always about this time of year looking for drink drivers, not just after the pubs close but also lunchtime and first thing in the morning. You would be surprised how many people think they are fine after a night out, three hours sleep then out driving to work.

Have a good time but remember a little forethought could save a lot of heartache later.

Rogue Traders – South Oxfordshire

There are reports of a company offering to do work on driveways and patios in the South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse area. The company is reported to post a card through your door and when asked to do some work they turn up, provide no paperwork, will possibly ask for cash and the work carried out is not of an acceptable standard. When challenged, some of these traders can become very abusive.

The advice from Trading Standards is NOT to deal with cold callers and to be very careful who you ask to carry out any work.

Please be extra vigilant and keep a look out for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas is coming and so are unwanted visiters.

Christmas will soon be here, time to buy your presents and get them wrapped for santa.

It’s also the time unscrupulous burglars are at their most active.

On Monday 28th November, between 14:50hrs and 17:00hrs, a property in Station Road, Cholsey, was burgled. Offender(s) gained entry and stole a laptop computer. Keys were found outside the properties which were believed to have been used to try to gain entry to the garage via a side door, no entry was gained.

Overnight between 28th to 29th November, a property in Reading Road, Wallingford, was burgled and two laptop computers stolen. It is not known at this time how entry was gained.

It’s rich pickings in most households from now until the New Year so pay extra attention to your home security.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Males arrested in connection with burglary in Crowmarsh Hill, Wallingford

On Wednesday 23rd November, a property in Crowmarsh Hill, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, was burgled. Offender(s) used a stone to smash a glass panel on a front door and then reached through to gain entry. A safe and contents were stolen.

On the same day tracker activation was picked up near Henley on a Mercedes SLK convertible which had been stolen from London on 14th November. There was a persuit involving police vehicles and the police helicopter which led to the arrest of two males and the recovery of stolen property.

Just shows you that burglars don’t always drive around in clapped out old cars, anyone looking suspicious could be a potential offender.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Distraction Burglaries

On Tuesday 22nd November, at approx: 18:45hrs, there was an attempted Distraction Burglary at a property in Eynsham Road, Botley. A male called at the property and told the occupant that there had been an explosion, then asked her to turn off the water at the mains and provide him with a sample of water to test. The occupant went to get the water but closed the door. When she returned the male had left.

The male is described as a white male with an Irish accent, 35-40 years old, 5’10”, stocky build with light brown hair.

On the same day two Distraction Burglaries were reported in the Oxfordshire area. One in Bicester where two males called at a property posing as water or gas board officials, then stole a purse and contents.

The second was in Witney where a male entered a property which had been left with its door left ajar whilst the victim was putting out his bin. On returning to the property the victim saw a male come from his bedroom who said he was a police officer. The victim asked for ID and the offender left. A wallet and contents were stolen.

Please be extra vigilant and keep a look out for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours. Please check on any neighbours you consider to be a potential target of distraction burglary and remind them NOT to let any unexpected callers into their property.

Remember the new non-emergency telephone number for the police is 101

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Thefts from Churches

Sometime between 13:00hrs on 13th November and 17:13hrs on 14th November, offender(s) forced entry to a church in High Street, Nettlebed, Henley. They entered the vestry, ripped the back off the safe and stole silverware.

Around the same time a church in Highmoor, Henley, was burgled. Entry was gained by forcing a front door, a safe and cash box was forced open. A further burglary was reported at a church in Woodley, Reading, where a door was forced to gain entry and offender(s) entered the vestry and tried to open a safe.

The crime prevention advice is for churches to review the security on all external church doors and to make sure that any porch areas are secured if possible.

Please contact Malcolm Wills the Crime Reduction Advisor on 01491 821519 or email: for further security and crime prevention advice.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Have Your Say Meeting

Date: Friday, 11 November 2011
Time: 08:30 - 09:30
Venue: PCSO Nikki Leese will available to talk to at Ipsden Post Office, The Street, Ipsden

Unfortunately I’ll be in Manchester

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Theft from motor vehicles

Between 3rd and 4th November, vehicles parked on the B4009, near junction 6 of the M40, Watlington Road, Lewknor, were broken into. Offender(s) smashed windows to gain entry and stole property including a stereo, CD, Sat Nav and a disabled badge.

Theft from vehicles is an ongoing crime and we have suffered offences in the area over the last few weeks. Try these simple ideas.

  • Always take your personal items with you when you leave your car. This stops car thieves from smashing your windows to steal items. If you can't take your personal items with you, lock them in the boot. Don't leave personal items in your glove box.
  • Never leave the following items anywhere in your car: removable radio fronts, portable satellite navigation systems ('Sat Navs') and its mounting cable, mobile phones, golf clubs, iPods, handbags, laptop computers and briefcases, cheque, credit and debit cards, items of clothing, driving documents and personal correspondence.
  • When you leave your car, leave your glove box open to show that there's nothing in there.

Basically remove any valuables from your vehicle and leave nothing on display when your vehicle is not in use or when left unattended. It is not just the loss of your personal items, but the inconvenience, time and costly repair to your vehicle.

Monday, 7 November 2011


 You may be familiar with the downsides of the terms of this Act. It allows the scrap metal ‘industry’ to be a cash business which is a great help to metal thieves – ‘ask no questions tell no lies’. The ‘cash for scrap’ rules are a fantastic business opportunity for thieves when metal prices are so high. Little wonder churches are suffering so much lead theft and the railways even more copper theft. Through my job I travel all over the country liaising with Police Forces which include British Transport Police, I can confirm that the theft of cable if rife at the moment causing the Reading Paddington line to close for urgent work a few weeks ago. You may remember the theft of a large number of roadside drain covers between Ipsden and Woodcote. You may also have seen in the press recently reports of the theft of metal plaques from village war memorials.

A proposed amendment to the Act to prohibit cash transactions would make payment by cheque or directly into a bank account mandatory and would be a significant component in reducing metal theft.

However other more pressing parliamentary business means that the quickest way for this Act to be amended is by a massive public lobby so it has to be debated by the House of Commons. The only other event that may get the Government to take the matter seriously as an emergency debate is if the rail networks grind to a halt or there is a terrible accident because signalling cable is stolen.
Please could you ask everyone you know with an email address to support this petition to the Home Office, asking for this change to the Scrap Metal Merchants Act 1964. It needs to have 100,000 signatories – currently it stands at about 20,000.
To vote just click and then click 'Sign this petition'.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Update on silver Golf used in crime

The silver Golf that was involved in the theft of dogs from the Letcombe Bassett area of Wantage and also several other thefts and suspicious incidents across the Vale and South Oxfordshire has been found abandoned in Leatherhead in Surrey on Tuesday evening. Forensic examination of the car is taking place and police are following up on information about numerous offences connected to this car.

Occupants of a grey ( almost green) Jeep Cherokee have been involved in almost identical suspicious incidents across Berkshire and Oxfordshire over the last two days including when disturbed saying they are looking for their lost dog. They may be connected to the silver Golf . The part index of the Jeep is R658 - please report any sightings immediately to the police on 08458 505 505 or please use 999 if you think a crime is being committed.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thames Valley Police go live with 101

Thames Valley Police is due to go live with 101, the new national single non-emergency number on 14 November 2011, which will replace the 0845 8 505 505 number. Both numbers will run side by side until the end of March, but if demand for the 0845 8 505 505 number drops it may be discontinued earlier.

Calls to 101 (from both landlines and mobile networks) cost 15 pence per call, no matter what time of day the call is made, or the duration of the call. 

Everyone calling the police for non-emergency matters will now know exactly how much a call will cost them, and can be assured of equal access whether they are on a pay-as-you-go mobile or a home landline.

The routing will be based on the same system as 999 calls. If a caller is using a landline the routing will be based on the caller’s postcode and the call will be directed to the same area’s force. If a caller is using a mobile, the call will route using the mast that the phone is transmitting from.

If a call is made to 101 within a force area that has not yet ‘gone live’, the caller will hear a recorded message telling them to redial using the relevant non emergency number.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Local Crime October 2011

Thames Valley Police warning of a spate of thefts from rural locations. Overnight Tuesday 11th to Wednesday 12th October tools were stolen from a barn at Blewbury, overnight Wednesday 12th to Thursday 13th a generator was stolen from Milton.Overnight last night 17th to the 18th tools were stolen from a house being built on the Wantage Road in Harwell.

Monday 17th October at about 3pm three springer spaniels were stolen from kennels at the rear of a house in Letcombe Bassett - two males were seen stealing the dogs - they were in a silver coloured 5 door VW Golf with a smashed driver's side mirror and had twin exhaust pipes on the drivers side. The dogs are all white and liver coloured bitches - one was 4 years old and the other two are six months old. A similar theft of a spaniel occured on the 16th October in the Reading area where a silver Golf was seen.

A silver Golf was also seen in suspicious circumstances yesterday afternoon at various locations in South Oxfordshire where several burglaries to new build homes and barns have been reported. It was seen at Ewelme and also at Goring on the Icknield Road at about 1540 hrs where the occupants appeared to be sorting through tools and it made off from police.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Introduction to Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch, sometimes also known as Home Watch, is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever.

Behind it is a simple idea and a central value held by millions of people around the country.

Getting together with your neighbours to take action can cut local crime and create a better place to live, work and play.

It's not just about reducing crime figures; it's about creating communities that care. It brings together local people who can make a real contribution to improve their lives.

There are other benefits too; you could become familiar with crime prevention ideas that will help keep your home and belongings safe. The extra security that belonging to a scheme offers might even mean you can get a discount from your insurance company.

The main aims of Neighbourhood Watch are:

a)      To reduce local opportunities for crime, thereby deterring would be thieves and vandals.
b)      To establish a community spirit so that everyone can contribute towards the protection of their property by mutual co-operation and communication.
c)      To inform the co-ordinator or the police of any suspicious activity.

These aims can be achieved by taking just a few easy steps which only take a couple of moments of your time. Basically it's all about keeping your eyes and ears open and reporting anything you may think suspicious to either me or direct to the police.