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Friday, 6 December 2013

Burglaries Wallingford & Benson

On Thursday 5th December between 4.45pm and 5.15pm a property in Old London Road, Benson was burgled. Offender(s) have gained entry and stole laptops, hand held computers and jewellery.
On Thursday 5th December between 3.30pm and 4.50pm a property in Blacklands Road, Benson was broken into. Offender(s) have forced entry to rear glass door and stole cash, jewellery and a tablet computer.

On Thursday 5th December between 5.20pm and 5.40pm a property in High Street, Wallingford was broken into. Offender(s) have forced entry to a rear door by smashing the glass pane and stole two pouches of tobacco.

Between 11am and 12pm (4/12) two females aged between 18-20years called at an elderly person’s property in Wilding Road, Wallingford claiming they were there to clean the house. It is believed this was an attempted distraction burglary. No entry was gained.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Drink Drive

Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary Joint Roads Policing Unit launches its Christmas anti-drink and drug drive campaign on Sunday (1/12).

The two forces will be working in close partnership and conducting more cross-border operations than ever before with the aim of reducing the number of alcohol and drug related incidents on our roads.

Party-goers are being warned to think about the consequences before they consider having a drink and getting behind the wheel during the festive period.

The crackdown follows last year’s successful enforcement activity, which saw 6,585 drivers breathalysed by Thames Valley Police between 1 December 2012 and 1 January 2013.

The campaign is part of a national crackdown by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Department for Transport (DfT), aimed at reducing the number of people killed and injured on our roads by people who drink or take drugs and drive.

Impairment through drugs and/or alcohol is an important factor influencing both the risk of a road collision and the severity of the injuries that result from these collisions.

Across the Thames Valley, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight, 68 people were killed or seriously injured last year (Jan-Dec 2012), where alcohol was a factor in the collision (61 seriously injured and 7 killed). In the first eight months of this year (Jan-Aug 2013), 38 people have been killed or seriously injured where alcohol was a factor in the collision (six killed and 32 seriously injured).

In addition, many people are not aware of the continuing effects of alcohol the morning after. In many cases, alcohol is still present in the body and will be identified during the breath test.

The overall aim of the campaign is to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured as a result of drink driving and to convince drivers that a conviction for drink/drug driving has the potential to ruin their life.

Thames Valley Police, Hampshire Constabulary and ACPO hope that understanding the consequences of their offending will deter people from being so irresponsible. A night in police cells sobering up with the possibility of being charged and going straight to court, followed by a lengthy ban, are the reality.

The campaign will also link with the European TISPOL police campaign during the second week of the campaign (9-15 Dec) where all police forces across Europe will tackle drink and drug driving concerns.

The Joint Roads Policing Unit will conduct road safety checks at all times of the day and night across the Thames Valley and Hampshire. Drivers will be asked to provide a specimen of breath in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988. Where there is no suspicion of alcohol, no moving traffic offences being committed, or no involvement in a collision, drivers will be offered the opportunity to participate in the campaign and provide a sample on a voluntary basis. We will explain the reasons for these checks to drivers and ask for the motoring public’s support.

Officers will also record additional information about those stopped, relating to what age bracket they fall into. This data will be provided to the DfT, who will analyse it to understand the level of drink-driving nationally and the correlation between age and drink-driving behaviour.

Ch Insp Henry Parsons, of Roads Policing for Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary, said: “We are asking the public to be safe rather than sorry. Collisions involving alcohol or drugs not only devastate the lives of victims and their families, they also ruin the lives of offenders, who could face a lengthy driving ban or imprisonment.

"As well as having to live with the lifelong guilt of having killed or injured someone through their reckless behaviour, offenders could also lose their job, home and their livelihood.

“If you are going out and know you will be drinking, organise alternative transport or a designated driver to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the festive period safely.”

Officers across the Thames Valley and Hampshire will be wearing purple ribbons in memory of those killed on our roads as a result of drink-driving. The purple ribbon is linked to the tragic death of Evey Staley in the Isle of Wight last August. Evey was just 10-years-old when she was killed by a drink and drug driver. Purple was Eveys favourite colour

Total number of breath tests in last year's Christmas campaign:

  • Berkshire – 1,757
  • Buckinghamshire – 1,142
  • Milton Keynes - 1,169
  • Oxfordshire – 2,517

Total – 6,585

Total number of arrests following positive breath tests during last year’s campaign:

  • Berkshire – 113
  • Buckinghamshire – 53
  • Milton Keynes - 38
  • Oxfordshire – 74

Total - 278