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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nearby burglaries

On Saturday (22/2), between 3.30pm and 6.15pm, a property in Park View, Crowmarsh Gifford, was burgled. Entry was gained via a rear patio door. A computer was stolen.

Between Friday (21/2), and Sunday (23/2), a property in Wantage Road, Wallingford, was burgled. Offender(s) gained entry via a garage door. Property stolen included electrical items and jewellery.

If you have seen any suspicious looking people or vehicles in the area or have any information relating to this message please call the police on 101.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Email scam

Fraudsters have been sending out legitimate looking spoofed emails designed to trick recipients into installing malware.
The emails say you have been notified and scheduled to appear for a court hearing, and contains specific dates, times, locations and reference numbers.
It asks you to download a copy of the “court notice” attached. The file actually contains an .exe file (a file that executes when clicked) containing a virus.
The email has no connection to the Criminal Justice System and anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click any links.

Subject headers change frequently
You are likely to see some variations of this email, as it is easy for fraudsters to amend the details and continue targeting people. BCRC’s cyber security specialist said “the email is difficult to block as the subject headers change frequently.”
He also said: “Provoking a panicked, impulse reaction has become a very common scam technique for cyber criminals. Opening the attachment allows the criminal to spy on the victim, use their computer to commit crime, or steal personal and financial information.
For further information please visit the BCRC website.